Setting up Users, Groups, and Templates in Windows Server 2012R2 Active Directory Domain Controller


Once the first server of Windows Server 2012R2 has been made into a domain controller you have a domain database called Active Directory that holds all user, group, and comptuer information for that domain. In a prior post I outlined how to create a domain controller. The domain was called, and DC1 is the Forest root domain  controller for that domain. In order for people to log on and use this domain, their user accounts must be created in the Active Directory database of the domain controller. Ideally, you should already have list of users with their respective funtions or titles, and/or departments they belong to on hand so you know how to organize them in Active Directory. What users are allowed to do, and resources they will have access to will be determined be their function or group membership. So if there is a way to get this, get it.otherwise compille it. Here is a sample list of users, their function, and group membership.

List of Users Function         Department or Group
Andres Rivera Administrator/IT IT Department
Richard Pliska Sales Sales Department
Diana Fergusson Sales Sales Department
Tony Alfresco Sales Sales Department
Susan Llerena Sales Sales Department
Eric Sobann Sales Sales Department
Robert Fuller Sales Manager Sales Department/Managers
Frederica Muñoz Accountant Accounting Department
Elizabeth Acevedo Accountant Accounting Department
George Smith Accountant Accounting Department
Gregory Heller Accounting Manager Accounting Department
Anita Shear HR Manager HR Department
Ashley Thomas HR         HR Department
Sable Font HR         HR Department
John Phillips Cullen Director of Operation Managers Group
It is best to create the groups first, then create templates for user accounts in each group, that include menbership, then copy the template when creating each user. Some users will belong to multiple groups, copy the template for the users principle group then add the other user group by hand.