I love LinuxMint


This weekend I got to try the Linux distro LinuxMint16. Normally I don’t like using Linux in general because at some point I hit a wall where I want to do something that is easy to do in Windows, and that’s when I go running back to Windows. This time however I was pleasantly surprised with LinuxMint16.

Unlike most of the other distros that conform to the OSS GPL license, LinuxMint comes with embedded drivers, codecs, and applications that let you use most of your media and documents that you already use in Windows. The only thing I ran into was Netflix not supporting Linux directly because of Silverlight. There is a third party tool however that you can use. Details are on this article link.


Otherwise I was able to hear my music, see my movies, and use nearly all my Microsoft Office documents, and Adobe PDF’s. You’ll still need Windows to run Windows Apps. In addition to having all this support, it is very light, and the full download is only 1.1G. If the developers continue this good work, I might switch. Sorry Microsoft.