Prevent contaminating your PC by using standard user accounts


Most users go directly into their PC without a second thought about security. And while Microsoft will do its best to safeguard against malware, it can’t protect everything. There is a simple method that prevent most of accidental contaminations by email and web sites, and that is by creating a standard user account. A standard user account is one without administrative privilege. On the control panel go to create users and create a standard user account. Then logoff and login with the standard user account. Because the standard user account does not have administrative privilege, the OS will prevent rouge programs from making changes to your PC. This will keep most malware out of your PC, with some minor inconvenience when you actually want to make modifications. At which point you will have to logout and login with an administrator account that has privileges to make changes to the OS. Since most users computing is limited to checking email and facebook pages, this should not be to bothersome. Keep in mind that if you share your PC with other users, those users should have their own non-administrative standard account as well.